Index to English Statutes in Force In Florida


   Judge Thompson compiled the English Statutes along with his annotations on ruled paper approximately 7-5/8" by 12-1/2". While there is no direct statement as to when he finished, the title page to Volume III of the 1941 Florida Statutes dates the compilation to 1853. The forward to this volume suggests the library of the Florida supreme court is where these papers were kept for so many years, not being given wide circulation. These papers remained archived there until sometime in the mid 1970's, when the then head librarian, seeing they were begining to show their age, some wear and tear from albeit seldom use, and obviously some mold, decided to place the originals with the State Archives where they could be kept in a better-controlled environment. Before doing so, he made a single copy of each page on 8-1/2" by 14" paper, which first generation copy replaced the original papers in a locked filing cabinet in the basement. In the late 1990's, this copy was used to make other copies for private study outside the library, and a second copy was donated to the library at that time. It is from one of the second generation copies that the scans linked below are taken.

   The scans center around the images of the original paper used by Thompson, omitting the extra white space of the legal sized paper. These were done at 100 ppi grey-scale to generate the 8-color GIF's, which seemed to work well throughout. Some of these images are very slightly cut off because the copy made by the head librarian was tilted, and I have only made attempt to correct this when it is pronounced. Care was taken that no text was lost. As some might find the hand-written notes hard to read, and there being no known generally available publication of it, please know that the partial transcription by Guy Botts is available in the aforementioned Volume III, and it is hoped a full transcription will be made in the not-too-distant future.

Images of the pages of Leslie A. Thompson's compilation of the English Statutes in force in the State of Florida

   English Statutes .zip file (129.9 MB)



   (Archived) Volume III of the 1941 Florida Statutes (pdf) through page 288

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   (New) Volume III of the 1941 Florida Statutes - FSU Law Library



   Images of the pages from Volume III of the 1941 Florida Statutes -  British  Statutes in Force in the  State of  Florida. These pages scanned below were copied enlarged from the volume at the local law library, which volume mysteriously disappeared soon afterwards. The main pages were scanned at 100 ppi grey-scale and output to 4-color GIF's.


   Scans of the Rules of Procedure from 1927 are provided here:

   Rules of procedure .zip file (6.6 MB)